Officially opened on July 30 2015, the pedestrian tunnel features modern, mechanized underground walkway and will be powered by 100 per cent green energy supplied by Bullfrog Power Inc. To provide access to the pedestrian tunnel, a brand new pavilion has been constructed on the mainland and an extension added to the airport terminal building on the island side.

From design to construction to final finishes this tunnel exemplifies innovation and reflects the priorities of travellers. Whether it be the number of moving walkways and escalators, the acoustics and shape of the tunnel’s interior, or the state-of-the-art digital screens that create a visual experience as people move through the tunnel, every detail of the project was carefully thought out to ensure a tunnel that would not only deliver travellers to where they needed to go, but would also engage them along the way.

The tunnel is a spectacular piece of infrastructure that has already won several awards for its innovation, including the International Tunnelling & Underground Space Association’s 2014 Specialist Tunnelling Project of the Year Award and the Tunneling Association of Canada’s 2014 Canadian Project of the Year Award.